Produktbild: Wäremezähler WR200F
Wäremezähler WR200F
Data sheet: WR200F
Download - data sheet: WR200F

Heat transfer water or other liquids
Temperature range -50...0...+250 °C
Any flow sensor with analogue signal connectable
2 x Pt100 inputs for advantages and return temperature
Exact k-value calculation for IAPWS-IF97
Backlit alphanumeric LCD display (4 x 20 characters)
Built-in clock with automatic calendar to 2099
Counter for heat and flow resettable
Counters for variable periods
4 analogue outputs for instantaneous values ​​
2 pulse outputs for M-Bus connection (optional)
Housing for snap-rail or wall mounting (IP55)
Accessories for panel installation

Produktbild: Wäremezähler WR200D
Wäremezähler WR200D

The heat meters WR 200 F is used for detecting the heat energy in closed heating or cooling systems with liquid heat transfer medium. The instantaneous heat capacity is calculated using the formula:


P = QV ΔT * k

P = heat output in kW
QV = flow in m3 / h
ΔT = temperature difference between flow and return temperature
k = thermal coefficient in kWh/m3 · °C


subsequently, the actual flow and the current. Thermal power integrated over time and added up to two counters. For counting on an adjustable period of two resettable counters in conjunction with a clock with automatic calendar are available. All measuring and counts are displayed on a backlit four-line LCD display with its physical unit.


Water as a heat carrier may, however, other fluids (water-glycol mixtures, heat transfer oil) are used. The thermal coefficients of water are stored in the unit for a temperature range of 250 °C.


The heat energy meter is provided for connection of any flow sensor with analog output. For temperature measurement, two Pt100 inputs are available in four-wire circuit.


External records, the unit provides four analog output signals 0/4...20 mA and two pulse outputs can be connected to an M-bus module. All components are housed in a housing profile for snap track mounting with external clamps. Accessories for panel mounting parts and a plastic housing for wall construction are also available.

Zeichnung: Abmessungen WR200
Abmessungen WR200
Produktbild: Wäremezähler WR200F
Wäremezähler WR200F
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