Climate transmitter PFT30

Transmitter with PID control function
Measurement of temperature and relative humidity
Digital signal transmission from the sensor to the evaluation electronics
Response time of few seconds
Easy interchangeability of the sensor
Alphanumeric LCD display
Two freely configurable measuring control channels with 0 … 10 V output
Temperature measuring range -40 … +120 °C, span freely selectable
Measuring range rel. Humidity 0 … 100% (short-term condensation possible)
Calculation of the climatic parameters dew point, absolute humidity, entalpha, wet bulb temperature
Supply voltage 18 … 30 Vdc or 24 Vac (± 15%)
Compact plastic housing Protection class IP54; UL 94 HB

The climate converter PFT30 is a versatile sensor controller.

The sensor controller calculates, from the directly measured values ​​of temperature and relative humidity, the measured values ​​of dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity and enthalpy, which are frequently used in climatic engineering.

The device has two independent channels each with analog output 0 … 10 V and a display line. The measured values ​​can be freely assigned to a channel and scaled. Each channel can be used with measurement or control functions.

For the PID control the setpoints and parameters can be set in the device, as is the possibility to use the PFT30 as a binary controller.

An exchangeable sensor chip is used for measuring the relative humidity and temperature. Two sensors (capacitive measuring principle for relative humidity and semiconductor principle for temperature), a signal amplification, a 14-bit A / D converter and a digital two-wire interface are located on the sensor chip.

Furthermore, the calibration data of the two knife holders are stored in an OTP memory, which is also located on the sensor chip. The signal transmission from the sensor to the evaluation electronics in the housing takes place digitally.

The sensor itself can be exchanged without any problems, since readjustment of the electronics is not necessary after the replacement.

Operating mode:
Selectable measuring mode, PID control mode or binary control
Humidity and temperature
Single-chip sensor for relative humidity and temperature with digital signal transmission and calibration memory on the chip.
Measuring ranges:
Freely scalable within the maximum span
Measuring span:

Temperature T [C]: -40 … +120 °C
Temperature T [F]: -40 … +257 °F
Rel. Humidity H [%]: -0 … 100%
Dew Point D [C]: -99 … +120 °C
Dew point D [F]: -99 … +248 °F
Wet bulb temperature W [C]: -39 … +119 °C
Wet bulb temperature W [F]: 38 … +248 °F
Absolute humidity A [g]: -0 … 957 g / kg
Entalphie E[J]: -99 … 989 kJ / kg

3 buttons and software menu for entering all parameters
Application sensor:
Temperature: -40 … + 120 ° C
Humidity: 0 … 100%, short-term condensation possible (internal heating element)
Application Electronics:
-10 … + 50 ° C, non-condensing
Storage temperature:
-25 … + 60 ° C

14 bit
Response time:
Approx. 20 seconds

Standard Sensor Sensor with narrower tolerance
±0,1 °C ±0,1 °C


Standard Sensor Sensor with narrower tolerance
±0,1 °C ±0,1 °C
±0,5 °C at 25 °C ±0,3 °C at 25 °C
±2,0 °C at -40 °C ±1,5 °C at -40 °C
±3,0 °C at +120 °C ±2,0 °C at +120 °C

Measuring ranges:
-30 bis +50 °C

12 bit
Response time:
Approx. 4 seconds (63 %-time, slightly moving air)
Linear (digital linearization)
Long-term stability:
Typical < 1 % r.h. / year

Standard Sensor Sensor with narrower tolerance:
±0,1 % r.h. ±0,1 % r.h.


Standard Sensor Sensor with narrower tolerance:
±0,1 % r.h. ±0,1 % r.h.
±3,5 % r.h. at 30…70 % r.h. ±2,0 % r.h. at 10…90 % r.h.
±5,0 % r.h. at 0…29 % r.h. ±4,0 % r.F. at 0…9 % r.h.
±5,0 % r.F. at 71…100 % r.h. ±4,0 % r.F. at 91…100 % r.h.

Measuring ranges:

Temperature:   T = -30…+50 °C, 0…50 °C, 0…100 °C
Relative humidity:   r.h. = 0…100%
Dew point:  dp = -30…+50 °C
Wet bulb temperature:   wbt = -30…+50 °C
Enthalpy:   E = 0…200 kJ/kg;

Special measuring range:
Absolute humidity: a.h. = 0…50 g/kg

Measuring range selection:
4 selectable measuring ranges via DIP switch

Ultramid with hinged ABS cover; Attached sensor tube for recording the sensor

Protection class:
IP 54 according to EN 60529; UL 94 HB

60 x 75 x 34 [mm] (W x H x D)

Approx. 200 g

Two-line alphanumeric LCD display, 2×16 characters

Electrical connections:
Cable entry M16x1.5, screw terminal, electronics protected against incorrect polarity

Operating position:
Duct sensor: stainless steel sensor tube, 11 mm Ø at the rear, mounting flange with gasket
Room sensor: stainless steel sensor tube, 11 mm Ø at the front, mounting on the wall

Power supply:
18…30 Vdc; 24 Vac (±15%)

Power consumption:
Approx. 18 mA @ 24 Vdc

Output current:
2 x 0…10 V (max. 10 mA)

EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, CE-mark
according RoHS-directive 2011/65/EU

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