Produktbild: Steckblende MBT nach DIN19206
Steckblende MBT nach DIN 19206
Datenblatt Steckblende
Datenblatt Steckblende

Plug-in screen for the flow measurement of gases
Blinds according to DIN EN ISO 5167

Zeichnung: Steckblende Einbau
Steckblende Einbau

Orifice plates with circular cross-section can be used for flow measurement of gases. The installation in the pipe between flanges with smooth sealing strips. The pressure tap is on the pipeline in a form Stand D upstream of the orifice plate (positive-pressure extraction) and D / 2 from current downward (negative pressure sampling) is attached.

The calculation of orifice plates according to DIN EN ISO 5167.

Zeichnung: Steckblende
Zeichnung: Abmessungen Steckblende
Abmessungen Steckblende
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