CYLINDER PITOT TUBE MBZ for velocity measurement in pipelines

Cylinder pitot tube for velocity measurement in pipelines​

For measure speed after the dynamic pressure method
Material brass (up to 100 °C) or stainless steel (up to 450 °C)
Pressure connection 6mm
Diameter 24 mm, length 500 mm
Special length on request
2 different mounting flange available

The cylindrical probe is a primary element for measuring speed similar to the known Prandtl pitot tube. Dictated by the particular design, the cylinder has a constant probe, in large Boundaries of the Reynolds number independent coefficient C = 2, that means they are at a certain speed twice as much back pressure as the Prandtl pitot tube from.

tube 24 mm ø, 500 mm long

Pressure taps:
6 mm ø for connection of plastic tube

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