Product picture: Ice thickness controller - EDR2
Ice thickness controller - EDR2
Data sheet: EDR
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Controlled ice production for cooling purposes
Combination of sensor and evaluator
Ice thickness selectable by 4 stages
Changeover contact when reaching the preselected ice thickness

Zeichnung: EDR2 - Eisdickeregler
EDR2 - Eisdickeregler

Normally, ice is produced, in a filled basins in which cooling plates are positioned. On those plates ice layers grows continuously till the freezing process is switched off. A continuous constant ice thickness cannot be achieved via the conventional method.

The EDR2 was developed in order to improve this process and make it independent. With the new EDR2 the ice production is fully controlled and automated. A special designed sensor bar checks continuously the ice thickness and turns a cooling device on or off.

Now, we can secure a continuous constant ice thickness in four preselect stages. The selection of the presetting are customer specific and can be individual defined at order.

The application range of EDR2 is for example: Ice production for cooling purposes or also in the control of brine-water heat pumps with ice storage.

Zeichnung: EDR2 - Eisdickeregler Aufbau
EDR2 - Eisdickeregler Aufbau
Zeichnung: EDR2 - Eisdickeregler Aufbau
EDR2 - Eisdickeregler Aufbau
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