Differential pressure / Volume flow controller DPC200-AC

Differential presssure / volume flow controller

Electromechanical diaphragm measuring system
Measuring range from 0…50 Pa (0.5 mbar) up to 0…6000 Pa (60 mbar)
Alphanumeric LCD-display
Analog output 0…10 V
Selectable measurements (differential pressure or volume flow)
Selectable units (metric or imperial)
Adjustable k-factor for volume flow calculation
Controlling mode or measuring mode selectable
Measuring mode with adjustable limit value
Control mode with adjustable:
2 setpoints
PI parameters for PI algorithm
maximum output voltage
Supply voltage 90…260 Vac (50 / 60 Hz)
Compact plastic housing IP 54

GRILLO-DPC differential pressure controllers / volume flow controllers are used to measure and control low differential pressures of non-aggressive gases, especially air. A signal of 0…10V is available to the user as an analog output. Depending on the setting of the device, this signal has different meanings. If the instrument is used as a pressure sensor, the output signal is proportional to the measured pressure. As a volume flow sensor, the device provides a root-equipped output signal. In pressure or flow rate control, the output signal represents the manipulated variable of the PI control.

It is used, for example, in air conditioning technology for controlling fans, monitoring room pressure or controlling filters. In addition to the analogue output, an additional alarm output (open collector) is available for limit value monitoring or filter monitoring.

In addition to the analog output, an additional alarm output (open collector, max. 30 V / 30 mA or relay 250 Vac / 10 A) is available for limit monitoring or filter monitoring. The device provides a radiated output signal as a volumetric flow sensor. In the case of the pressure or volume flow control, the output signal is the manipulated variable of the PI control.

Operating mode:
Measuring mode or control mode
Measuring medium:
Air or non-aggressive gases
Measuring principle:
Electromechanical diaphragm measuring system
Measuring unit:
Pa / inH2O or m3/h or cfm
Smallest measuring range:
0…50 Pa (0.5 mbar) / 0.2 InH20
Largest measuring range:
0…6000 Pa (60 mbar) / 24 InH20

Measuring range:
0…50 Pa (0.5 mbar), 0…100 Pa (1 mbar), 0…500 Pa (5 mbar), 0…1000 Pa
(10 mbar), 0…2000 Pa (20 mbar), 0…4000 Pa (40 mbar), 0…6000 Pa (60 mbar)
Measuring range selection:
Factory preset
Adjustable controlling parameters:
P/I – parameter, k-factor, maximum output voltage, normal/ inverse control
linear for pressure measurement, radiated for volume flow measurement
Ambient temperature:
Storage temperature:
Control characteristic:
PI – algorithm
Setpoint settings:
2 setpoints can be set via keys, selection of setpoints via potential free contact
Limit signal Output / alarm output:
Open Collector, max. 30 V / 30 mA
Alarm delay time:
12 seconds

Overpressure protection:
0.2 bar

Static pressure:
max. 0.2 bar

Zero point calibration:
Adjustable by REEDcontact, no cyclic zero-point calibration required

Reaction time:

Zero drift:

Sum of linearity and hysteresis:
± 0.5 % … ± 1 %

Temperature drift zero point:
±0.3% / 10K

Temperature drift measuring range:
±0.2% / 10K

UL 94 HB; Ultramid with hinged lid of ABS

95 x 70 x 54 mm (w x h x d)

approx. 250g

Protection class:
IP54 according EN60529

Two-line alphanumeric LCD display, 2 x 16 characters

Electrical connections:
Cable entry M16x1.5, screw terminals, electronics protected against incorrect polarity

Cable entry:
2 x M16 x 1.5

Pressure connections:
Hose connections 5 mm ø and 6 mm ø

Operational position:
Vertical, position dependence when rotated through 90 ° approx. 25 Pa

Power supply:
90…260 Vac (50 / 60 Hz)

0…10 V (Imax = 1 mA / Rmin = 10 kOhm)

EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, CE-mark
According RoHS-directive 2011/65/EU

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