Differential pressure manometer

Diaphragm element
Smallest measuring range 0…100 Pa
Wide 270° analog display – scale length ca. 250 mm
No supply voltage needed
Scaling in m3/h possible

Manometer with a diaphragm element for indication of pressure, under pressure or differential pressure of non aggressive gas. The Manometer is delivered with accessories for mounting in front or behind a panel or wall installation. Optional are:

  • Two limit value pointers red or green
  • Manometer with analog output signal
  • Combination of indicator and pressure switch fitted in a wall mounting bracket

Operating mode:
Measuring mode
Measuring medium:
Air or non-aggressive gases
Measuring principle:
Electromechanical diaphragm measuring system
Measuring unit:
Smallest measuring range:
0…100 Pa (1 mbar)
Largest measuring range:
0…5000 Pa (50 mbar)

Measuring ranges:
0…100 Pa (1 mbar), 0…200 Pa (2 mbar), 0…500 Pa (5 mbar), 0…1000 Pa (10 mbar), 0…2000 Pa (20 mbar), 0…5000 Pa (50 mbar)
Measuring range selection:
factory preset
Ambient temperature:
Storage temperature:

Overpressure protection:
0.2 bar

Static pressure:
max. 0.2 bar

Zero point calibration:
Adjustable by REEDcontact, no cyclic zero-point calibration required

Reaction time:

Zero drift:

Sum of linearity and hysteresis:

Temperature drift zero point:
±0.3% / 10K

Temperature drift measuring range:
±0.2% / 10K

ultramid/ABS, black, transparent cover

round -> outside 134 mm ø

approx. 400 g

Protection class:
IP65 according EN 60529

pointer display with scale

Scale length 270° = ca. 250 mm

Cable entry:
2 x M16

Pressure connections:
Hose connections 5 mm ø

EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, CE-mark
According RoHS-directive 2011/65/EU

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