CO2-monitor CM2

CO2-Monitor CM2

Indoor air quality
Dual Wavelength NDIR measurement methods
Range 0…2000 ppm CO2
Ad in 6 stages over LED green-yellow-red
Output 0/4…20 mA or 0…10 V
Wall enclosure for mounting on flush-mounted switch box
Power supply 24 Vac or 24 Vdc

Better air quality reduces fatigue and loss of concentration!

In many environments, the motivation decreases when the air quality deteriorates. The simplest solution is to open a window! However, this is not in any work environment possible. The CO2 monitor CM2 helps to keep the air quality at a constant level and to counteract fatigue.

It measures the CO2 content in the air, displays it via a LED strip. In addition it initiated directly an automatic window opening or closing.

The measurement of CO2 content is based on the dual wavelength NDIR method. An infrared emitter emits light in a cuvette of two adjacent wavelengths on a receiver. CO2 is located in the beam path, is the characteristic wavelength of the CO2 weakened and provides a signal for the evaluation.

The evaluation provides an output signal of 0/4…20 mA corresponding 0…2000 ppm CO2 . Furthermore, in the front cover of the unit, the CO2 content visually displayed on a 6-segment LED display in the colors green, yellow and red.

The electronics is in a white plastic case mounted for wall mounting. The case can also be mounted on a flush-mounted box. The device is powered with 24 Vac or 24 Vdc.

Operating mode:
Measurement & display
Measured material:
Dual wavelength NDI
Measuring range:
0…2000 ppm CO2
Response time (t63):
< 30 s
Time interval of measurements:
1,5 s
Ambient temperature:
-10…+50 °C
Rel. moisture:
0 … 80%, no condensation

Error limit:
± 4 % v.E. + 3 % v.M.

Plastic, white, for wall mounting or mounting on a flush-mounted switch box

6 light emitting diodes LED

< 400 ppm green 1
> 400 ppm green 2
> 600 ppm yellow 1
> 1000 ppm yellow 2
> 1500 ppm red 1
> 2000 ppm red
2 x 127 x 25 mm (W x H x D)

Power supply:
24 Vac or 24 Vdc

Power consumption:
Approx. 100 mA

Output signal:
0/4 … 20 mA, max. load 500 Ω or 0 … 10 V

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