VENTURI NOZZLE MVR / FVR for air measurement in pipelines

Venturi nozzle MVR / FVR for air measurement in pipelines

Prefabricated venturi transitions in all diameters
Material PPs
Threaded or flanged version made ​​short and long version available
Manufactured to DIN ISO 5167
Inexpensive local display for all ventilation applications
Combination with our differential pressure gauges and transmitters possible

The venturi tube is a primary element for flow metering in tubings. The principle of the venturi tube allows for meterings with all media. The venturi tube described here is especially designed for air flow metering in ventilation channels. Mounting of the venturi tube in the installation has to be made using plug sockets with the corresponding lip seals. A version with flange connection can also be suppllied. The venturi tube is a one-piece extruded housing made of PP. High accuracy of fit and optimum centering is guaranteed with socket or flange connection on both sides. The venturi nozzle is made with an inlet profile as per ISA according to DIN EN ISO 5167. The flow which is important and favorable for meterin is achieved through the specific deformation process of the thermoplastic material. It allows for an exact fitting as well as for extremely smooth surfaces for ideal flow conditions without any costly rework.

The pressure relief valves have 4-5 individual bore holes in the cylindrical neck which open out into a ring chamber.

For further evaluation, indicators (DA2000) with a scale in m³/h or measuring transducers (DS85 or DS200) for remote transmission of the measuring signal are available. The exact design of the indicators or the measuring transducers depends on the design data which are to be clarified beforehand.

plastic tubes, grey, made of PPs,
accurate of fit with thermal deformation and welding
Discharge nozzle:
8 mm ø for connection of plastic hose
socket connection, the counterparts are equipped with the corresponding lip seals
Ambient temperature:
0…+80 °C
Tubes with lip seals are available on request

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