Produktbild: Aussentemperaturfühler AF1
Aussentemperaturfühler AF1
Data sheet: KF1_RF1_AF1_ATF_ETF
Download - data sheet: KF1_RF1_AF1_ATF_ETF

Resistance element Pt100 class A DIN EN 60751
Sensor tube plain or perforated (ventilation applications)
Tube 9 mm stainless steel (1.4571)
Connection head plastic ABS
Special length available
Sliding mounting flange
Different protection sleeves available

Produktbild: Raumtemperaturfuehler RF1
Raumtemperaturfühler RF1

Resistance thermometer for temperature measurement up to max. 50 °C. As a measuring element, a measuring resistor Pt100 class A is used in accordance with DIN EN 60751.

Produktbild: Anlegetemperaturfuehler ATF
Anlegetemperaturfühler ATF
Produktbild: Einschraubtemperaturfühler ETF
Einschraubtemperaturfühler ETF

Application area: Dry rooms


Measured tolerance: <0.25% ± 0.15 °C
Long-term stability: max. R0 drift 0.05% / year


Operating mode: Measurement mode
Measured material: temperature
Sensor: Pt100 class A according to DIN EN 60751; PT1000 class A according to DIN EN 60751
Measuring unit: °C
Maximum temperature: max. 50 °C
Measuring ranges: 0...50 °C


Protection tube: X10CrNiMoTi 1810, 9 mm ø, material no. 1.4571
Mounting: For mounting on 55 mm switch box

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